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Mother's Day Gifts & Cards

The Christian Mother's Day Gifts section is dedicated to the most special person in our lives. We all know that it's quite a challenge to choose a gift for the person that brought you into the world! No gift has the power to thank her enough for her sacred mission on Earth. The Christian Shop welcomes you with symbolic gifts that will send your love and appreciation to your mother. 

Christian Mother's Day gifts aren't expensive but are very valuable. They send messages of love, affection and devotion, and bring smiles and hope to the ones who receive them. Take a look at the Woman of God Devotion Book and you will discover the true meaning of our Christian Mother's Day gifts. 

Our Christian Mother's Day gifts talk about love, sincerity, affection, and the happiness that comes into your life, once you open your soul to the Christian faith. They tell stories about grace, forgiveness, mercy, thankfulness and the joy of being a Christian. Your mother will feel blessed to have a child that believes in all that is beautiful and good, and shares the passion for faith with her.

In the Christian Mother's Day Gifts section you can find books, pens, bookmarks, coffee mugs and even a Mummy teddy bear as sweet as a teddy bear can be. Choose to buy your mother something that she could always have with her. These may seem simple gifts, but they are a symbol of your eternal love for her. Every time she will see them, she will think of you.

This year choose to buy one of the Christian Mother's Day gifts. Pick a gift that will tell your mother how special she is and how much she is loved. Remind your mother about her precious place in this world, in the eyes of God. Buy Christian Mother's Day gifts and be an inspiration.

Mother's Day Gifts & Cards

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