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Scripture Candy

Scripture Candy is the sweet way to learn about Christian teachings. Everyone loves candies and Scripture Candy combines the love for candies with the love for God. Every product at the Scripture Candy section is destined to make someone's day a bit sweater and to remind them of the joy of being a Christian. 

Our Scripture Candy section is dedicated to flavours, colours, delicious candies and Christian teachings. The Scripture candy is an ingenious way to send the message of God into the world. We think it can be a fun gift and an original way of showing your appreciation and care.

If you decide to buy gifts from the Scripture Candy section, you will have the chance to choose from an array of flavours. We have butter & cream, strawberry & cream, cinnamon and even peppermint candies. You can also find those soft old fashioned candies that will just melt in your mouth.

For the ones who want to watch their figure, we would recommend the sugar free mints in the Scripture Candy section. They come in different flavours, have a short description of the Christian symbol of fish, and can be easily taken with you everywhere. Children love them also!

Also in the Scripture Candy section, you can find one magical bottle of jelly beans. It's called the The Jelly Bean Prayer. Children will be enchanted with all of its flavours, and also will learn about the significance of each colour due to the prayer written on the bottle. Make the Christian messages sweet for everyone!