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The Christian Shop is specialised in providing special and inspiring Christian gifts for all ages. We provide an array of beautiful, high quality gifts. We strive daily to update our gift collection, so that you can find the appropriate and most original presents for your loved ones. We source our products from only the best Christian gifts providers and we make sure that we sell only good quality gifts.

Our daily search for meaningful and useful gifts has led us to be among the favourite stores of this kind in the UK. We also deliver abroad, but you should contact us first. We are dedicated to offer the best services for all the customers interested in buying Christian gifts.

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We believe that a gift should be more than an object. It should have the power to remind us of values and feelings, helping it to become a beautiful memory. All our gifts have the potential to become someone's favourite present. Because we want everybody to afford our gift collection, we've launched the Everything £1 section. Here, all our customers can find beautiful gifts appropriate for every occasion.

At the Christian Shop you will find everything from simple things like pens, mugs and bookmarks to special gifts like Crystocraft decorations and olivewood holding crosses. The Crystocraft gifts are made with crystals and will add a touch of sophistication to every home. Our team are very fond of the olivewood holding crosses that are sourced directly from Bethlehem. All of our olivewood products are handmade.